Career Profile

I am a DevOps engineer, continuous integration evangelist, and automation specialist. Currently not seeking employment or contracts.

Skills & Proficiency

Continuous Integration & Jenkins

Git & Mercurial

Linux & Bash


NodeJS & RxJS


ElasticSearch, LogStash & Kibana





Hashicorp Suite


DevOps Engineer

2017 - Present

With ClearScore, I am contributing to a world-class platform, delivering a reliable experience for customers and developers alike at one of the UK's most exciting start-ups.

Build Engineer

2015 - Present

With YouView TV, I established a complete continuous integration pipeline for the greenfield Next Generation UI. I used technologies like Docker, Ansible, and Jenkins Job Builder to avoid common problems in Jenkins configuration management. I implemented a central log collection service to identify key areas of improvement to aid developers deliver code quickly and reliably.

I also developed many new skills within this role, working closely with Front End Developers. I developed asynchoronous backend services in NodeJS and RxJS, as well as reporting dashboards in ReactJS.

DevOps Engineer

2014 - 2015
CF Partners

With CF Partners I gained experience of systems administration and deployment of Windows and Linux, for both workstations and production servers on AWS/EC2. In this position I made great strides in using SaltStack, Powershell, and Python to standardise the deployment of infrastructure and software, allowing for a more productive and stable working environment. This role was outside the core technical world, and I demonstrated my ability to work well with professionals of many backgrounds and specialities.

Data Analyst

2014 - 2014
Christchurch International Airport

In this short contracting role, I developed VBA tools and SQL databases to support the transfer of large amounts of corporate information from multiple independent systems to a single corporate management tool.

Build Engineer

2012 - 2014

Here, I developed and maintained a large and complex build, integration and release infrastructure; developing internal tools in Python, Java and Bash; network programming; managing expectations from disparate areas such as dev, QA, and pre-sales.

Trainee Actuary

2007 - 2011
Irish Life Assurance Company

Prior to moving into computer engineering work, I trained as an Actuary for several years. In this role, I developed my early skills in automation and programming. I used common office tools like Excel, SQL, and VBA to improve the speed and reliability of delivering common financial and statistical calculations.

The education in statistics, modelling, finance, and economics as part of actuarial training has been invaluable in my further career in computer science.


Atlas Stash - An JavaScript library to interact with the REST API of Atlassian's Stash/Bitbucket source code management tool.